About Us

About NailTi

The NailTi has a passion for two things - building simple yet powerful Nail Art and taking care of our customers. Our goal is to build tools that save time and money for everyone who loves the Nail Art, allowing them to create the images they want and get back to what they really love to do: go shoot!

About the Company

The NailTi headquarters are in Italy. Founded in 2018 by the Tiziana Bassetti, NailTi is a privately held company consisting of a team of nails. As lovers of nails, we understand the exciting new opportunities technology brings to nails. With all of these opportunities, there are just as many challenges. Constantly changing technologies, evolving tools and a never ending supply of techniques and work flows to be learned and applied. Every NailTi product is built with the promise of saving you time and you can quickly get the what. Our commitment is to help you get the most out of your NailTi by providing knowledgeable and helpful technical and customer support (our customers rave about our support team!) and ongoing educational content through the NailTi support.